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Diet and Oral Health

For years, we have heard that sugar is bad for our teeth. As research has grown, scientists now understand which kinds of sugars hurt your teeth and which foods help keep your mouth healthy. A balanced diet can help keep your smile looking and feeling great.

Certain foods produce changes in your mouth that can increase the risk of tooth decay. For instance, bacteria in the mouth transform sugar and starches into bacteria that attack the teeth and weaken the enamel. As well, foods like candy, cakes, pastries, and dried fruits can stick to teeth and create a haven for bacteria.

Making healthy choices can help promote a healthy mouth. Cheeses, protein, meats, nuts, and milk can protect tooth enamel by contributing calcium and phosphorus, which will remineralize teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots are also good choices because they contain lots of water, which encourages saliva production.

When choosing a beverage, water, milk, and teeth are the best options for your oral health. Try to cut back on soft drinks and other beverages that contain sugar. Products that contain sugar substitutes like Equal or Splenda aren’t digested the same way as true sugar so they don’t cause over production of bacteria. In fact, chewing sugar free gum can actually improve saliva production and help protect your teeth.

Children and teens should work especially hard to eat a balanced diet. Poor eating habits can not only but their teeth at risk, but it can create other problems at well. A good diet influences brain development, learning capabilities, and normal growth patterns.

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